Quam optime – “Better than the best”
Quam optime – “Better than the best”

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Benoni High School was established in August, 1922 with Standard 7 and 8 classes forming a Secondary department of the old Benoni Central School in Howard Avenue. Mr. F.O. Quirke was appointed Headmaster. In January, 1923, the school moved to the new wood and iron building adjacent to Benoni Station which later became known affectionately as the “Tin Temple”.

On 11 December, 1926, Mr. J.H. Hoffmeyer, the then Administrator of the Transvaal, laid the foundation stone of a more impressive permanent building, located to the south of Willowmoore Park Sports Grounds. After only four classrooms had been completed the effect of the onset of the Great Depression led to delays in construction which resulted in the official opening of the School not taking place until April, 1937.

With the passage of time, the suburbs of Benoni spread to the north of the town which necessitated a re-location of the school premises. New buildings were therefore planned and constructed on a site known as Beckett’s Farm in the heart of the northern suburbs. These buildings were occupied by the School in January, 1974.


  • To create an environment wherein all our pupils can develop their full potential.
  • To encourage our pupils to be creative and innovative in all areas.
  • To foster an atmosphere of enlightenment towards the development of a balanced perspective.
  • To holistically educate learners who will contribute to the building of South Africans as a nation.
  • To support our educators, thereby ensuring that they can function within a safe and secure environment.


To educate our pupils in all spheres, academics, sport, art and culture so that they can go out into the world and make a meaningful contribution to society as well as lead fulfilling lives.

Grade 12 Live Revision Lessons

History P101/11/202314:00 to 15:30History P1 Link
Life Sciences26/10/202314:00 to 15:30Life Sciences Link
Business Studies26/10/202314:00 to 15:30Business Studies Link
History26/10/202314:00 to 15:30History Link
Tourism26/10/202314:00 to 15:30Tourism Link

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